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In almost every enterprise IT environment today, the discovery of an instance of advanced malware necessarily means you are too late to stop it. Everyday malware can be stopped at the firewall because its signature is known. It’s sort of like having a TSA agent check your ID at the airport. Let’s carry that analogy […]

Security is such a fast moving industry. I’d like to highlight three important things that happened in the past couple of weeks while I was travelling across EMEA. First and foremost, McAfee announced that we had reached a major milestone in our acquisition of Stonesoft, an industry-recognized leader in next-generation firewalls, by completing the tender offer […]

  In conjunction with our investigation into Operation Troy, we will be releasing IOC data in the open and highly flexible OpenIOC Framework format. The McAfee Operation Troy IOC can be downloaded here.       In addition to various open/free tools, OpenIOC data can be consumed by:             McAfee […]

Today, McAfee Labs officially released the “Dissecting Operation Troy: Cyberespionage in South Korea” whitepaper, an in-depth study by our APT research team into a previously undetected lineage of cyberespionage Trojans. Specifically, Labs found malware designed to infect and scan military systems for files containing specific military terms, and then exfiltrate the identified files through the […]

Today we announce the McAfee Labs report Dissecting Operation Troy: Cyberespionage in South Korea, the results of a four-month investigation into the events surrounding the cyberattack Dark Seoul, which occurred on March 20. The group behind Dark Seoul was involved in more than what previous reports have covered: DDoS attacks dating from 2009 and the wiping of […]