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Applying core administration and security to the management and protection of a large-scale private cloud deployments can be hard.  This is particularly true given that virtualization administration and security administration involve distinct skills. Virtualization administration is concerned with architecting, designing and deploying virtualized infrastructure.  This involves hypervisor and advanced disk management as well as configuration and tuning of […]

In today’s business landscape, virtualization is a flexible, affordable and capable solution worth adopting. However, for IT departments, this can be a strain. Support for more end users, more workloads and more security standards and requirements can test even the most organized teams. Exacerbating this is a common problem: security tools built for physical environments […]

One piece of advice I always give (after update, update, update) is to never click on a suspicious link.  A lot of times, those dodgy links are easy to spot, which is why cybercriminals try to be extra tricky to get you to click on them.  They suggest all kinds of reasons you should click: […]

A Parent’s Handy Primer on Cyber Vocabulary – Part IV Aaaaaand, we are back! *drum rolls* This week’s topic is not only the continuation of our primer; but also, the last of it! Let us quickly brush up on the topic of discussion – our dated cyber vocabulary. Many of us might not be aware […]

Microsoft Office documents play an important role in our work and personal lives. In the last couple years, unfortunately, we have seen a number of exploits, especially some critical zero-day attacks, delivered as Office documents. Here are a couple of standouts: CVE-2014-4114/6352, the “Sandworm” zero-day attack, reported in October 2014. McAfee Labs has provided in-depth […]