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Endless candy, an excuse to dress up as a character from your favorite comic book, and carving pumpkins with family… What’s not to love about Halloween? But witches, ghosts, and goblins aren’t the only things to fear this time of year. This Halloween, there’s a different kind of spooky story—mobile hacks. Mobile security threats are […]

Hablando con algunos de mis colegas el otro día acerca de por qué quería cambiar a un iPhone 7 Plus,  para mí, tenía que ver con la cámara.  Viajo mucho por trabajo y aunque la fotografía es un hobbie para mí, no siempre traigo mi cámara “buena” conmigo, así que termino confiando en la de […]

In the 2013 indie romance, “Her,” Joaquin Phoenix’s on-screen lover wasn’t another stunning A-list actress, but something less expected and certainly less traditional; “She” was an operating system. A what? Commonly referred to as an “OS,” Phoenix’s romantic partner was the software that powers a computer’s basic functions. Ahhh, romance. In reality, most of us […]

It wasn’t that long ago when discovering new products, restaurants and everything in between came down to asking our circle of friends. Reviews and ratings were the stamp of approval to which our friends held the key. In 2016, we ask the internet, and now strangers tell us what they like (or don’t), and why […]

En mi caso estaría perdido sin mi smartphone y sus diversas funcionalidades ya que son muy convenientes en mi vida diaria: reviso mi calendario y hago clic para programar una reunión online invitando a otras personas de mi lista de contactos, uso mi aplicación de aerolíneas para asegurarme de que mi vuelo salga en el […]