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The Universidad de Las Américas (University of the Americas or UDLAP) in Puebla, Mexico, is one of Latin America’s most prestigious universities. And just like colleges of all sizes across the global, UDLAP recognizes that one of its greatest security threats comes from outside devices connecting to the school’s network via Wi-Fi. The number of […]

As the CISO for Cook County, Ricardo Lafosse has his hands full. In addition to the city of Chicago, Cook County also includes 127 other municipalities and ranks as the second most populous county in the U.S. Keeping such a large county government secure and protected from malware has unique challenges, as Lafosse will attest. […]

Virtualization is no longer just a buzzword for large IT enterprises—it’s become a top priority across most business sectors. If you’re curious to see it work in action, look to the success of this large warehouse-style retailer. Through McAfee Solutions, the enterprise successfully virtualized 98 percent of its IT infrastructure, an impressive number for any […]

Xcel Energy, a large utility company with operations in Denver, Minnesota, and Texas, was struggling to secure its environment with a mixed assortment of endpoint solutions and consoles and platforms from multiple vendors. In lieu of juggling multiple endpoint solutions, Xcel decided they needed an easier-to-use, centralized console to manage all their moving pieces. Xcel […]

How important is a comprehensive, fully integrated security strategy for an enterprise? Just ask Michelle Duprey, Manager of Information Security at Boston Medical Center (BMC). The academic medical center, based in Boston, is the largest safety-net hospital in New England. A business that robust demands a modern security defense. When Duprey first joined the hospital […]