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JS/Nemucod is the detection name given to a family of malicious JavaScript downloaders that have appeared in spam campaigns since last year. They usually arrive as an email attachment, embedded in a ZIP archive, and pretend to be an invoice, a delivery notice, a resume, anything that may seem harmless and can be used as a social engineering […]

Good security requires balancing risks, costs, and usability. Too much or too little of each can be unhealthy and lead to unintended consequences. We are entering an era where the risks of connected technology can exceed the inconveniences of interrupted online services or the release of sensitive data. Failures can create life-safety issues and major […]

Server-side request forgery is an attack in which an attacker can force a vulnerable server to trigger malicious requests to third-party servers and or to internal resources. This vulnerability can then be leveraged to launch specific attacks such as a cross-site port attack, service enumeration, and various other attacks. This ability makes server-side request forgery […]

Recognizing the increasing importance of sophisticated malware analytics, Forrester just introduced The Forrester Wave™: Automated Malware Analysis (AMA), Q2 2016. We’re excited to announce that Intel Security was named a Leader with McAfee Advanced Threat Defense. According to the Forrester report, “The automated malware analysis market is growing because more security professionals see malware analysis […]

I write about family safety for several reasons, one of which, is that I’ve experienced a few digital disasters first hand and hope by sharing, I can somehow help others. A few of my own personal tech collisions: I’ve had my identity stolen, I’ve been hacked, and one of the most painful—our family had a password stolen […]