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Stories of inanimate objects coming to life are familiar to us. Movies such as Toy Story show the idea’s cultural weight, and Greek mythology on humans being morphed into objects show its history. But in today’s day and age, technology can make fairy tales seem real. What if the laptop, that familiar tool we use […]

As many workers do today, you probably get emails from your boss asking you to perform various tasks. You may also get unusual requests under unusual circumstances—perhaps to put out a fire for a big client or to impress a potential customer. Sometimes in haste you don’t follow standard procedures. But that makes you vulnerable […]

Testing web applications for security flaws is sometimes difficult due to the peculiar behaviors of applications. One curious behavior is an application that modifies and validates cookies on a per-request basis—that is, every new request sent to the application must contain the valid cookie sent in the previous response. This implementation does nothing to prevent […]

The popularity of Android devices and applications makes it a target for malware and other threats. This post is the second in a short series on Android application security. In the first article we discussed the basic android environment setup and penetration testing. In this post we will focus on some other tools and proxy […]

As we look ahead to our annual FOCUS Security conference, a three day event that brings together leading cyber security experts from around the world to discuss their security initiatives, I want to reflect briefly on another great Intel Security even that has just passed. Earlier this month, we held our annual EMEA Channel Partner […]