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Over the last several days, we’ve seen headlines on potential cyberattacks on state voter registries, cybersecurity front and center in the Clinton-Trump presidential debate, and new revelations into the Yahoo! cyber-breach that appears to have compromised more than 500 million user accounts. Intel Security CTO Steve Grobman fielded a number of questions on these events […]

If there’s one reason why classic James Bond films are so widely enjoyed, it’s because of the unbeatable gadgets. From complex and indescribable to common and crafty, Bond gadgets always capture the audience’s imagination. In fact, some Bond gadgets were so powerful in concept that they became real, everyday objects. Fingerprint readers and cameras are […]

A quiet, professional cyberespionage group steals what every company wants to keep secret: valuable information that drives business. Welcome to the new normal. Corporate cyberespionage made the front page yesterday with the news of Morpho, also known as Wild Neutron. Regardless of what you call it, these revelations were the latest reminder of the growing […]

It’s time for all of your counter-espionage tools to work together. By now you, your peers, and your board should have accepted that cyberespionage is real, active, and not going away. Whether it is a customer or competitor, country or criminal, someone wants to know a lot more about you. They could be looking for […]

Last time, I noted the prominence of cyber espionage, who and what is targeted, and the embarrassing time it takes to detect attacks. Here are three more observations to take away from this year’s Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report. The curse of human weaknesses Even with all the latest headlines, sadly the Verizon report found that […]