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Nowadays, everyone knows how important data is. Who hasn’t seen a sensational news story about a data breach lately? Despite all this public exposure, however, not everyone is qualified to protect organizations against breaches. It takes more than binge-watching a season of Mr. Robot to become a cybersecurity expert, or many of us would be […]

I keep the things people care about safe. Their bank accounts, their private data, their social media accounts, their children, spouses, grandparents, employees and their company secrets. I didn’t set out to work in cybersecurity. But given what I’ve learned about the business, its people and their sense of mission, and our growing criticality to […]

Por Víctor Medina  Hoy en día escuchamos y vemos por doquier el término de Internet de las Cosas o “IoT” por sus siglas en inglés. Desde focos conectados, hasta autos, pasando por cámaras de video vigilancia, monitores cardiacos, anteojos, relojes y un sin número de dispositivos prometiendo una conexión a internet para facilitar la vida […]

Si usted es como yo, su feed de Facebook (y Twitter, Instagram, Vine, etc.), probablemente ha sido bombardeado con todas las cosas relativas a Pokémon estos últimos días. Si se pregunta por qué, es debido al lanzamiento de Nintendo de Pokémon Go para Android e IOS el 7 de julio. Para los no iniciados, Pokémon […]

Parents often ask me when they should start taking precautions to keep kids safe online. My answer is: you start right when your little one’s eyes light up more upon spying your phone and laptop than his toys. Before he takes his first step into the cyber world, it’s always better to make the environment […]