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This week at RSA 2015 in San Francisco, I delivered a keynote where I served up one big, simple challenge to the industry: we must find the courage to change the security game. The security business is booming. In the past five years, more than 1,200 startups have joined the game, with Wall Street assigning […]

Expelliarmus!  Wouldn’t it be nice if that worked in the real world? Unfortunately, there’s no magic charm that can be used as ‘Defense Against the Dark Arts’ against cyberthreats and malware. Every minute there are 307 new cyberthreats and according to a recent report by McAfee Labs, the number of malware exploits increased by 76 […]

How to create a better working environment for security professionals. January is a good time to get strategic and think about the bigger picture. The glut of security breaches in 2014 has increased the pressure to hire and retain cybersecurity experts, in a market that was already experiencing an acute shortage. Ranging from 50,000 to […]

New year = new attack vectors. With the holidays in full swing and 2014 coming to a close, McAfee Labs has produced their latest Threats Report. In it, key security predictions for the coming year are discussed, including forecasts around increases in cyber espionage, more frequent attacks on the Internet of Things, and the ‘explosion’ […]

A friend was narrating an incident with me that had occurred in her house about her 13 year old continually texting while having dinner. Despite repeated requests which progressively grew sterner; the teen took a peek now and then at her phone kept by her plate, oblivious to the conversation around her. Frustrated by her […]