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Co-Authored by Stacy Conner, Director of Global Channel Marketing at Intel Security Hi, it’s Stacey Conner and Peter Andrada coming to you live from the cafeteria of HQ Intel Security wishing we could trade the Coke Freestyle machine for a live barista. Many of us parents out there are looking for some silver bullet solution to […]

Trying to keep up with your kids online feels a bit like patching holes in a sinking boat at times doesn’t it? A recent Intel Security study reveals a gap in what parents perceive kids to be doing online, and what’s actually taking place in behaviors such as cyberbullying, creating aliases, and the amount of time spent […]

According to a new Intel Security study, more than 2,000 American parents and kids ages 8-16 were surveyed to unveil some interesting things. 79% of the juvenile respondents learned online safety from their parents. 35% of them said they’ve been a cyberbully. 27% of them said they have met, or would meet, a person in […]

We can all agree, no one is rooting for the cyberbully. In fact, you’ve spent a hefty chunk of time worrying about—and coaching your kids—on how to deal with peers who might bully them. But—gulp—what if your child is the cyberbully? Be honest—do you really know what your kids are up to online? A new Intel Security study* […]

Identifying and Addressing a Social Media Addiction among Children How does your teen react when you refuse to give in to their list of demands and instead commence a ‘pep talk’? Do they stomp off into their room, slam the door, turn up the volume with loud music and sulk in the background? Or do […]