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There’s a chance you may skip this blog post thinking to yourself: This will never happen to my child. I have a tight reign on my kids—they know better. The chances of an inappropriate photo getting circulated, is pretty much zero. To which I would promptly administer this two-step reality check: • The #1 truth in parenting is […]

Being in love in the digital age is far more complicated than the ‘good ‘ole days’. The way we court and communicate has been turned on its head by the Internet.  The fact that we can be ‘researched’ online, have our movements constantly analysed along with the constant obligation to be in touch with our […]

Rain drops the size of poker chips belly flopped onto my windshield. Great. People around here can’t drive in the rain. Now I’m really going to be late. The coffee drive-thru line was far too long for a Wednesday, which immediately got me wondering why so many humans drank coffee at all. I caught a […]

If there was ever a reminder to make sure we are playing it safe online then it’s Safer Internet Day. Held this year on Tuesday 10th February, this internationally recognised day is a great way of ensuring we are all up to date with emerging online issues.   In 2015, Safe Internet Day’s focus will be […]

The long summer holidays are almost here in Australia. Yippee! For some parents, the idea of spending six weeks with their children is a truly joyous thought, for others – not so much. Getting through a six week vacation relatively unscathed might seem very ambitious.  Arguments around going places, spending money and screen time can […]