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Listen up parents: live streaming is the latest trend that you need to get your heads around. Not only are there privacy issues that you need to understand so you can keep your kids safe but live streaming may just explain why your Internet usage is spiraling upwards! To ensure we’re are all up to […]

My road as a parent of two digital natives (now ages 15 and 20) has been winding, rewarding, and even harrowing at times. I began writing this blog three years ago, which in the digital world translates to approximately a decade. Technology changes quickly. Culture shape shifts and perspectives try to keep up. Our kids change […]

We’ve talked a lot about click addiction and lobbying for likes and the negative affect digital ranking systems can have on kids. Folding into that concern is the new slew of dating apps, which only adds to the humiliating rate-me culture our kids encounter daily online. Tinder, Omegle, Kik, Whisper, Yik Yak, Skout, and Meet […]

Do you get a little confused looking through your teen’s Instagram or Twitter feed lately and seeing a crazy amount of new code-like phrases? You aren’t alone. If you add together the popular hashtags kids use and the coded phrases, you’ll find yourself learning an entirely new language that also happens to be growing exponentially […]

If you think about it long enough, your eyes will cross, and your head will feel like it’s going to explode. How do protect your kids from all the what ifs and who mights online (and off)? You can’t. But what you can do is be intentional about raising kids who are leaders in an […]