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Cybercriminals gain access to our online data often, and for a variety of reasons. Most of the time, they like to do so unnoticed. But a new cybercrime trend is changing the game, bringing forth a more confrontational side of cybercriminals. It’s called ransomware, and it’s growing in popularity. Its mission is simple: lock down […]

Every August, hackers and cybersecurity professionals from around the world gather in Las Vegas to trade tricks, tips and break things for fun and to help increase consumer security. The event is called “DefCon,” and this year’s event promises to be as great as usual with one particularly exciting new element: the Internet of Things […]

If The Beatles’ song “The Taxman” rings true, we are all employees of the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS). I’m skeptical of that claim. Yes, this administration that gives every taxpayer’s heart a little stress test in mid-April employs a lot of people. No debate there. But the IRS is about to get a […]

We all, at one point in our lives, have felt the sting of being duped. Whether you donated to a less-than-legitimate charity, fell for one of last week’s better online April Fool’s jokes, or simply came to the realization that your precious child actually did steal the last cookie from the cookie jar, we’ve all […]

Mother’s Day Role Reversal for Young Techies Remember those times when you frowned and squinted, tongue held between your teeth, as your mom guided your little hand over the cursive letters? Remember how she patiently spent hours teaching you the alphabets and numbers? This Mother’s Day, acknowledge her extraordinary contribution in creating a literate you […]