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A few months ago we received a sample from a customer that turned out to be a password stealer (PWS). One thing about this malware stood out: the subdirectory used in the access panel URL. It contained the string “***=**U=TEAM” (which we have obfuscated). Our investigations lead us to believe this may be a case of industrial […]

As many workers do today, you probably get emails from your boss asking you to perform various tasks. You may also get unusual requests under unusual circumstances—perhaps to put out a fire for a big client or to impress a potential customer. Sometimes in haste you don’t follow standard procedures. But that makes you vulnerable […]

Hasta hace relativamente poco se creía que cualquier malware no tenía capacidad para destruir equipos físicos, que sólo podía dañar datos, ya sean aplicaciones, bases de datos, respaldos de información, imágenes, etcétera, sin embargo ese paradigma ha sido destruido: ya es posible dañar hardware. Al día de hoy se tienen registrados dos ataques de este […]

The next time you buy a car, chances are, it’ll be connected to your phone. Maybe your next refrigerator, thermostat, or child’s toy will be similarly integrated. And it may happen sooner than you realize: analysts believe 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 20201. But that prediction may not last. A […]

Everyone talks about it but, c’mon, who really completely unplugs from tech completely on vacation? According to a recent study released by Intel Security, while most people still fear going off the digital grid, those who do are reaping big rewards. According to the study of nearly 14,000 men and women worldwide ages 21-54, more […]