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When it comes to data breaches there are hits and there are misses. And then there are hits. Today, there was a hit. Yahoo Inc., a long-time, major tech player, confirmed a massive breach, affecting up to 500 million Yahoo users. Usernames, protected passwords, dates of birth, associated email addresses and more were allegedly stolen […]

A couple years ago I was messing around on my computer before dinner.   My wife came in with a strange look on her face as she told the person on the phone, “I think you might want to talk to my husband about that.” Once on the phone I was greeted with, “Hi, this is […]

Nowadays, everyone knows how important data is. Who hasn’t seen a sensational news story about a data breach lately? Despite all this public exposure, however, not everyone is qualified to protect organizations against breaches. It takes more than binge-watching a season of Mr. Robot to become a cybersecurity expert, or many of us would be […]

One target of cybercriminals is cryptocurrencies, which hold tremendous wealth but are largely anonymous. This limits the attack surface mostly to avenues requiring complex technical approaches. Always preferring the path of least resistance, many fraudsters and online thieves prefer to target people rather than systems. This is the second of two posts on threats to […]

McAfee Labs has seen a huge increase in Locky ransomware in recent months (discussed in an earlier blog). Locky is aggressively distributed via a JavaScript-based downloader sent as an attachment in spam emails. Since its first variant Locky has taken advantage of compromised domains to download its malicious executable. Recently it has downloaded a malicious dynamic link […]