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“We’re here to pinch your best ideas.” Those words began Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan’s remarks to a small group of city officials, regulators and private industry in New York City’s financial district this morning.  The discussion was focused on cities, climate change and the use of technology to address it while improving citizens’ lives. […]

Who doesn’t look forward to their next vacation or holiday? With a simple plane ticket, you can be off to enjoy relaxing family time or to an exotic location. These are chances to let go of worries, which can naturally lead people to be careless. But that also invites danger, as far as cybersecurity is […]

A security researcher from the University of Cambridge has found a way to hack the iPhone NAND memory hardware to sufficiently bypass an important security feature, allowing a brute-force attack against the passcode lock of an iPhone 5C. This is the same lock that stymied the FBI as part of the highly publicized privacy case in […]

La última edición del Informe Trimestral de Amenazas (QTR) fue publicado esta semana por McAfee Labs. Si no está familiarizado con estos, McAfee Labs es nuestro laboratorio encargado de investigar todas las amenazas más recientes que están circulando en el “campo de batalla”, así como de observar las tendencias que indican lo que los maleantes […]

Nowadays, everyone knows how important data is. Who hasn’t seen a sensational news story about a data breach lately? Despite all this public exposure, however, not everyone is qualified to protect organizations against breaches. It takes more than binge-watching a season of Mr. Robot to become a cybersecurity expert, or many of us would be […]