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Data breaches are commonplace. Every organization that handles sensitive or private data should have a proper capability to respond to an incident. Many companies have a basic set of procedures, while others maintain a mature set of people and processes. A small percentage of organizations over the years have refined their capabilities to a professional level. […]

The Internet of Things (IoT), where items and devices link to the internet for better use, analysis and efficiencies, is introducing a flood of newly connected items. We have smart watches, smart cars, smart phones, smart thermostats and even smart fridges. But some, if not all, smart items need to have great security along with […]

Browser hijackers are a type of malware that modifies a web browser’s settings without the user’s permission. Generally a browser hijacker injects unwanted advertising into the browser. It replaces the home page or search page with its own. It also steals cookies and can install a keylogger to fetch other sensitive information. McAfee Labs has recently […]

Last week I went to one of the few places hotter than it is here in Texas: Las Vegas.  Every year, the security industry gathers together for a week of education, demonstration and socialization at Black Hat, DefCon and BSides.  A lot of people in the industry use these conferences as a time to reveal […]

McAfee Labs has recently encountered new variants of the Banload Trojan. Banload has been around since the last decade. This malware generally arrives on a victim’s system through a spam email containing an archived file or bundled software as an attachment. In a few cases, this malware may also be dropped by other malware or […]