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Our judicial system can move at tectonic speeds. It’s slow and grinding, but constant and binding. So when that system comes into contact with another moving in the opposite direction, at an almost constant force, a lot of pressure builds up. Eventually, that pressure creates an event of seismic proportions. For online businesses and organizations […]

Malicious attacks with firmware privileges can compromise an entire system, so it is especially important to apply measures to reduce the risks. Breaking hypervisor isolation and attacking — or exploiting — neighbouring virtual machines is a prominent goal of cyber criminals. At the Black Hat USA 2015 and DEF CON 23 conferences, a group of […]

Traditional IT security solutions need modifications to successfully defend critical infrastructure on tomorrow’s cyber battlefields. There has recently been a great amount of discussion regarding critical infrastructure and its inherent security vulnerabilities. Critical infrastructure primarily comprises aging supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and industrial control systems (ICS), which are far more pervasive than most […]

If Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out for Summer” is the ode to the end of a school year, then its antithesis must be quiet compliance as school begins anew in the fall. Backpacks are bought, pencils are sharpened and classes are selected. But the quiet won’t last long. There’s a good bit of noise around a […]

Governments globally need to focus on the unintended consequences of across the board attempts to deal with deficit spending.  Saving pennies is important, but we need to make certain those savings do not cause large consequences for security that will cost much more in the long run. Cyber data breaches are a prominent topic this […]