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Weapons and the skills to use them are not the only decisive elements in warfare. Rhetoric and imagery are important, too. They are essential for constructing the good and the bad, legitimatizing one’s actions and influencing the events and the result of a conflict. The cyber era has only just begun to highlight the importance […]

We are in the middle of the biggest arms race since the Cold War, one that could lead to cyberwar, which we discussed in a recent post. Massive amounts of money are globally put into building cybercapabilities for defense, offense, and intelligence. This development is part of a large on-going trajectory: the strategizing of cyberspace […]

The term cyberwar pops up almost every day in public media. Regardless of its wide use, the term has been poorly explained. What does it mean? What are the principles framing and governing it? How does it fall within the way we think about war? We will answer these questions, among several others, in a […]