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Want to take a guess at how many major data breaches occurred at large US organizations in the last year? Try 800. And beyond the break-ins, roughly 17 million records were exposed in those breaches.* In fact, Yahoo just confirmed today that at least 500 million accounts were compromised, potentially making it the biggest breach […]

If anything has been proven in recent years, it’s that you don’t have to worry about a data breach happening, you have to count on it. The latest incident involving cloud storage vendor Dropbox casts an onerous spotlight on several issues facing enterprise security experts. Beyond the corporate password issue, the real question is what’s […]

Las fugas de datos son comunes. Toda organización que maneja datos confidenciales o privados, debe tener una capacidad de respuesta adecuada ante un incidente. Muchas compañías cuentan con un conjunto de procedimientos básicos, mientras que otras mantienen un conjunto de personas y procesos maduros. Un pequeño porcentaje de las organizaciones a lo largo de los […]

  Gamers are one of the largest communities on the internet. YouTube’s most subscribed channel caters to players, 100 million of them watch gameplay streaming on every month, and Pokémon Go has just conquered the world. But this robust online presence has also sparked interest from another group: cybercriminals. Recently, the computer game Minecraft […]

Just as summer vacation season begins, Omni Hotels and Resorts reports that cybercriminals have attacked some of the chain’s point-of-sale systems. Like many similar attacks from last summer, cybercriminals used their skills to try and compromise payment card information. Omni reports that while payment card information was compromised, no additional customer information, such as contact […]