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Although VMworld wrapped a few weeks ago, we’re still spinning over the excitement and buzz that was generated around the event. VMworld 2014 was a special benchmark for both McAfee and Intel, as we presented the first Intel Security product (the Intel Security Controller), and also showcased Intel Security’s capabilities with a united booth presence […]

Anyone with the responsibilities around server, infrastructure or computing knows to request, demand and expect 99.999% availability or refer to it as five 9s. So why isn’t there a default expectation to server security whether it’s sitting in a data closet, delivered as IaaS or in the near future instrumented as an element as part […]

This summer, the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative (FDCCI) ran into a problem with the Government Accountability Office. The FDCCI’s mission is to consolidate the number of governmental data centers to reduce infrastructure and operational costs, as well as to reduce the overall real estate and energy footprint caused by an excess of these facilities. […]

Like a whirlwind, my ‘DorothyandToto’ application and the server running it dynamically moved from its original location within a Kansas data center to an entirely new virtual infrastructure in an unknown land now controlled by Oz. He’s a busy man and can’t tell me if protections are in place to ensure the flying monkey malware […]

VMworld is celebrating its tenth anniversary and the theme this year is Defy Convention. If you are one of the estimated 23,000 IT professionals attending, it’s a great convention. There’s a lot to learn and experience. Be sure to stop by and see McAfee at booth #635. You can find out more about our latest […]