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Cloud environments have made some things much easier for development teams and IT organizations. Self-service portals have cut down the amount of “hands on” intervention to spin up new environments for new products. Provisioning of new infrastructure has moved from weeks or days to minutes. One thing that barely changed with this transformation is security. […]

Por Darren Pulsipher Este blog fue publicado incialmente en CSO Online Los entornos de nube han facilitado muchas cosas para los equipos de desarrollo y las organizaciones de TI. Los portales de autoservicio han reducido la cantidad de intervención “práctica” para poner al punto los nuevos entornos para nuevos productos. El suministro de la nueva […]

Have 5 minutes? Let’s talk about the public cloud and usage-based security “Q3’2015 – AWS reported $2.1 billion in revenue and $521 million in profit. That’s a 78 percent rise in revenue and 432 percent rise in profit over last year.”[i] Hold on, let’s review those numbers, pause and then rethink our data center/server investment costs. The […]

The fallout from the OPM breach continues with news that clearance information may have been stolen and that more than 10 million federal employee records may have been breached. In response, the White House has ordered every agency to engage in a “30 day sprint” to shore up and bolster their defensive cybersecurity capabilities. During […]

This is part IV in a series on proactive defense using a proven professional services security methodology My heart sank as one of my employees was recently telling me a chilling story about her 18-year-old son’s rollover car wreck.  I kept waiting to hear the horrible outcome. But, the result was incredible.  With a Nissan […]