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La Universidad de Las Américas (UDLAP) en Puebla, México, es unas de las más prestigiadas universidades latinoamericanas. Y, al igual que las universidades de todos los tamaños en el mundo, la UDLAP reconoce que una de las mayores amenazas a la seguridad proviene de los dispositivos externos que se conectan a la red escolar a […]

Data is leaking out of your organization: accidentally or intentionally, by internals or externals, physically or electronically. During the past year, we have performed extensive research to identify what data is being targeted, who is taking it, how they are getting it out, and the best practices to reduce your exposure to data loss. We […]

Delivering uninterrupted services with immediate access to information is not an easy task. Doing it with legacy systems, a fragmented workforce, and inconsistent security is a monumental job. Unfortunately, this is the state of many hospitals, leading the criminal underground to their back doors. Ransomware attackers have shifted focus, moving from consumers to organizations with […]

Want to take a guess at how many major data breaches occurred at large US organizations in the last year? Try 800. And beyond the break-ins, roughly 17 million records were exposed in those breaches.* In fact, Yahoo just confirmed today that at least 500 million accounts were compromised, potentially making it the biggest breach […]

Nowadays, everyone knows how important data is. Who hasn’t seen a sensational news story about a data breach lately? Despite all this public exposure, however, not everyone is qualified to protect organizations against breaches. It takes more than binge-watching a season of Mr. Robot to become a cybersecurity expert, or many of us would be […]