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Ao assistir a qualquer filme que envolva  segurança computacional ou hackers, alguém certamente falará sobre o poder do firewall ou sobre a proteção da criptografia. Em um certo momento na história da Internet, os firewalls eram considerados não apenas essenciais, mas também a ‘cura’ para todos os problemas das ameaças. Da mesma maneira, a criptografia […]

Mire una película que involucre la seguridad informática o hacking y alguien le hablará sobre el poder del firewall o la protección de cifrado. En algún punto en la historia de Internet, los firewalls fueron vistos no solo como esenciales, sino que como la cura para todos los problemas de amenazas. Del mismo modo, el […]

No good comes of breaches. Accessing and publicly revealing information meant to be private is rarely appropriate, and sometimes it can be downright ugly. The latest incident to fall into this category? A recent breach of an online cheating site, affecting up to 37 million people. Here’s what you need to know. On Sunday night, […]

It should come as no surprise that your data is the most valuable commodity you have on the information superhighway. Your data is so valuable, in fact, that cybercriminals go to great lengths to steal it. But that doesn’t mean your data is always hard to get. Sometimes, when a company falls on hard times, […]

Watch any movie that involves computer security or hacking and someone will talk about the strength of the firewall or the protection of encryption. At one point in the history of the Internet, firewalls were thought of as not just essential, but the cure-all of threat woes. Likewise, encryption was seen as the silver bullet […]