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Motivated by money, cybercriminals are always chasing where it goes. That greed has now led them to where transactions are most concentrated: point-of-sales systems. These types of attacks have been prominent in the news lately, with the cases of Wendy’s and Omni Hotels. But today, we have news of criminals going one step further—infiltrating Oracle’s […]

This post was written by Raj Samani and Christiaan Beek of Intel Security, and Shane D. Shook, PhD. Trust is the most valuable commodity in the digital age. Failure to trust the systems or organizations in which we place our digital assets leads us to look at alternate providers, or to withdraw entirely from a […]

For many online consumers, money (or the power of it) hovers quietly and invisibly over an online shopping cart only to be set free with a single click. That reality extends to our kids who have become eager consumers in the age of Pay Pal, Amazon, confirmation numbers, and free shipping. And, Christmas spirit or […]

The holidays are here at last. The cocoa is hot, the lights are strung, and the spirit of the holiday season is all around us. But with the happiness of the holidays comes steals and deals on the year’s hottest stocking-stuffers. And who more likely to take advantage of the season of giving than holiday […]

If you haven’t realized it by now, here’s fair warning (especially for the guys)—Saturday is Valentine’s Day. And, if you’re like me it’s yet another day that I have to remember on the calendar besides my anniversary and wife’s birthday to buy overpriced flowers or candy for the hubbub around this holiday. Unfortunately, cybercriminals use […]