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With a bit of mentoring, kids can become good digital citizens. This mentoring will help them stay safe online and empower them to make the most of technology. It is safe to say that gadget addiction can affect the health of a student as well as their academic life. The job of training responsible and […]

You’re sitting on your front porch. You see a stranger walking towards your property. You have no idea whom he is. But he’s nicely dressed. He asks to come inside your house and look through your bank account records, view your checkbook routing number and account number, and jot down the 16-digit numbers of your […]

Email is one of those things that most of us can’t live without—and when it goes down, regardless of whether it’s hosted in-house or in the cloud, it can seriously halt business continuity and productivity and can even affect revenues. A case in point is this summer’s global Microsoft Office 365 outage. Microsoft customers and […]

Como você tem acompanhado, nossos clientes estão migrando para o Office 365 da Microsoft.  Embora essa mudança traga vários benefícios para as empresas em termos de produtividade, flexibilidade e eficiência , ela também traz diversos riscos, principalmente em relação à segurança (e segurança de e-mails). Embora o Office 365 inclua recursos de segurança integrados, é […]

Como ha estado leyendo, nuestros clientes se están cambiando a Office 365 de Microsoft.  Aunque esto es fantástico para la productividad, flexibilidad y eficiencia de nuestros clientes, deja un gran vacío si se trata de seguridad, especialmente seguridad de correos electrónicos. A pesar que Office 365 incluye recursos de seguridad incorporados, se requiere seguridad avanzada para […]