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When your network spans the globe, you’ve got big challenges. How do you maintain visibility into potential network threats and stay in compliance with local regulations all at the same time? That was the problem facing one of our customers, a software developer for the international online gaming industry. This company has an enviable game […]

It is important but difficult to stay current with relevant issues in our industry. Cybersecurity is furiously changing, fast in pace, and rising in global importance. Professionals must keep abreast not only with what is happening today, but also with what is emerging on the horizon and heading our direction. Security becomes stronger when professionals collectively explore […]

We all receive loads of unwanted email solicitations, warnings, and advertisements. The number can be overwhelming to the point of obnoxiousness. Some days it feels like an unending barrage of distracting deliveries that require a constant scrubbing of my inbox. Beyond being frustrating, there are risks. In addition to the desired and legitimate uses of email, […]

Intel Corporation has a secret advantage to protect itself from cyber threats: a world-class information technology shop. The 2015-2016 Intel IT Annual Performance Report showcases the depth of security, operational efficiency, and innovation to deliver robust IT services for business value. IT is typically a thankless job, relegated to the back office, data centers, network […]

At Intel Security we recently observed a phishing campaign targeting Apple account holders. The link directed the user to a compromised WordPress site used to serve the fake Apple ID login page. Users are asked to log in with their Apple IDs, and then are requested to update billing information and credit card details. In the following […]