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It’s all gray now. Life that is. What used to be black and white and nicely compartmentalized is now a thousand shades of gray. We no longer are techie types or old school; Facebook users or in-person folks, we are all, young and old, online to some degree. Digital has become the cultural expectation. And with […]

Delivering a malicious payload to infect an end user system should be difficult – for years the security industry has worked to improve protection technology to reduce the number of compromised endpoints security teams need to address. But what happens when that payload doesn’t fit the mold we’re used to, typically an executable form of […]

I love the buzz I get when I find a new app. Whether it’s a health, food or travel app – the whole process just floats my boat. However, how many of us really take the time to read all of the Terms & Conditions that come with downloading an app? I always try to […]

One piece of advice I always give (after update, update, update) is to never click on a suspicious link.  A lot of times, those dodgy links are easy to spot, which is why cybercriminals try to be extra tricky to get you to click on them.  They suggest all kinds of reasons you should click: […]

We have all experienced oversharing on social media. Whether it is relentless photographs of meals enjoyed, updates on daily domestic chores or the constant high achievements of offspring, it can all be just a little too much. But in addition to the ‘annoyance’ factor, did you know that oversharing online can actually put you at […]