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The real costs of cyber attacks are difficult to understand. The impacts of cybersecurity are terribly challenging to measure, which creates significant problems for organizations seeking to optimize their risk posture. To properly prioritize security investments, it is crucial to understand the overall risk of loss. Although managing security is complex, the principles of determining […]

The threats of tomorrow are more than malware and malicious files. They are multifaceted attacks, using a wide range of techniques and vectors. At FOCUS 2015, we explored where attackers are going, how the environment you need to defend is changing, and what we are developing and delivering to help you deal with these adaptive […]

In the continuing battle between cybercriminals and information security, the criminals currently hold the upper hand. They know almost everything about our defenses, but we only know about the threats that we can catch. We keep introducing new devices, greater mobility, and more storage places, which do help us work better but also increases the […]

What to look for in an EDR solution Emerging threats and advanced targeted attacks (ATAs) are sweeping through the cyber landscape faster than security teams are prepared to deal with them. In a blink of an eye, your infrastructure can be compromised, putting your vital corporate information assets at risk. An advanced endpoint detection and […]

Parasitic malware has been always a headache. Valid files on the host computer are transformed using different techniques into malware by adding malicious code to them. Most of the time, the users affected by this kind of malware continue using their applications without realizing they are infected. The malware authors take care to transfer control back to the legit […]