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The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) report is a vital tool in helping IT managers understand the market space and key solution providers. According to Gartner, “40% of organizations said they already use a single vendor for several of these functions, or are actively consolidating products. In particular, mobile data protection is […]

This post was written by Oliver Devane and Mohinder Gill of Intel Security. We recently received a sample from a customer and upon initial analysis it looked like a bundled software installer. Upon execution, the installer launches a website and then attempts to download an executable—an installer for FLV Player. Nothing out of the ordinary, […]

In today’s enterprise environment, cybersecurity demands a multi-pronged approach. Usually, this involves different solutions for various endpoints, networks and clouds. This approach however, follows a familiar plot: different security technologies wind up giving you similar stories, without insight into what you actually need to know to adjust and harden your defenses or policies. If your […]

It’s all gray now. Life that is. What used to be black and white and nicely compartmentalized is now a thousand shades of gray. We no longer are techie types or old school; Facebook users or in-person folks, we are all, young and old, online to some degree. Digital has become the cultural expectation. And with […]

Typosquatting doesn’t get the attention that it used to, but it remains an effective means for attackers to capitalize on unsuspecting users. Of course, the most effective instances are those that target high-traffic sites. I stumbled upon, a transposition of (aka, only to be redirected to a host of sites pushing various things. The primary […]