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I like chocolate but I don’t seek it out. Peanut butter – I can take it or leave it. But put them together and now you’ve got my attention. Some things are better together. That doesn’t mean they aren’t perfectly good by themselves. It just means that combined, they provide a superior experience. Although comparing […]

Sabemos que en ocasiones es difícil entender por qué el área responsable de las tecnologías de la información (TI) insiste tanto a los usuarios de computadoras y dispositivos que deben respetar las reglas y cuidar la seguridad digital, por eso explicaremos los riesgos por amenazas informáticas que enfrenta una organización mediante el uso de términos […]

Rethinking Current Endpoint Security Strategies (Part 2) Successful endpoint security strategies must address numerous requirements – from staff and policy to the right technology mix and integration. The first webcast in this series outlined the requirements. This webcast will dive deeper into new approaches and technologies to prevent, detect and respond to threats and how […]

Virtualization is no longer just a buzzword for large IT enterprises—it’s become a top priority across most business sectors. If you’re curious to see it work in action, look to the success of this large warehouse-style retailer. Through McAfee Solutions, the enterprise successfully virtualized 98 percent of its IT infrastructure, an impressive number for any […]

Xcel Energy, a large utility company with operations in Denver, Minnesota, and Texas, was struggling to secure its environment with a mixed assortment of endpoint solutions and consoles and platforms from multiple vendors. In lieu of juggling multiple endpoint solutions, Xcel decided they needed an easier-to-use, centralized console to manage all their moving pieces. Xcel […]