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Si comparamos a un país con su empresa y a quienes resguardan la frontera con los endpoints de su red, tendremos una primera aproximación a la importancia de esta capa de seguridad, ya que éstos son los primeros en detectar y enfrentar los ataques o amenazas, además de ser los primeros que alertan sobre ataques […]

The use of traditional security practices in virtualized environments causes everyone headaches. What works for older architectures may not apply for newer ones. Can you imagine pouring gasoline into the engine of an electric car? In our first blog, we explained why traditional security is too taxing for virtual systems. Now, we’ll discuss how to […]

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms (EPP) report is a vital tool in helping IT managers understand the market space and key solution providers. According to Gartner, “40% of organizations said they already use a single vendor for several of these functions, or are actively consolidating products. In particular, mobile data protection is […]

In today’s business landscape, virtualization is a flexible, affordable and capable solution worth adopting. However, for IT departments, this can be a strain. Support for more end users, more workloads and more security standards and requirements can test even the most organized teams. Exacerbating this is a common problem: security tools built for physical environments […]

You heard it at Intel Security’s 2015 FOCUS event, and you’ll hear it at the 2016 RSA Conference: it’s time to change the game in security. With the rising volume of complex attacks, 2016 is the year for infosec pros to evolve their approach, taking a more proactive method to identifying, hunting, assessing and prioritizing […]