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I like chocolate but I don’t seek it out. Peanut butter – I can take it or leave it. But put them together and now you’ve got my attention. Some things are better together. That doesn’t mean they aren’t perfectly good by themselves. It just means that combined, they provide a superior experience. Although comparing […]

Rethinking Current Endpoint Security Strategies (Part 2) Successful endpoint security strategies must address numerous requirements – from staff and policy to the right technology mix and integration. The first webcast in this series outlined the requirements. This webcast will dive deeper into new approaches and technologies to prevent, detect and respond to threats and how […]

The use of traditional security practices in virtualized environments causes everyone headaches. What works for older architectures may not apply for newer ones. Can you imagine pouring gasoline into the engine of an electric car? In our first blog, we explained why traditional security is too taxing for virtual systems. Now, we’ll discuss how to […]

A good chef will constantly update their menu to keep up with what food trends customers might be craving. By doing so, the chef is able to prevent customers from abandoning the restaurant, rather than reacting when it might be too late, and dishes are outdated or unpopular. The same practice should be applied to […]

You heard it at Intel Security’s 2015 FOCUS event, and you’ll hear it at the 2016 RSA Conference: it’s time to change the game in security. With the rising volume of complex attacks, 2016 is the year for infosec pros to evolve their approach, taking a more proactive method to identifying, hunting, assessing and prioritizing […]