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The public cloud is a wonderful development in technology. It has helped create unprecedented efficiencies and is immensely popular among its rapidly growing community. In 2014 alone, the global cloud market grew by 126%. More than 87% of organizations today use the public cloud to help them scale and rapidly adapt their infrastructure to required […]

This week, the Intel Security product community gathers in Las Vegas, Nevada for the McAfee FOCUS 14 conference and exhibition.  In past years, I’ve taken the opportunity to lay out our vision for the evolution of the McAfee product and solutions portfolio, and the integration of this portfolio within the Security Connected Framework. This year’s […]

Effective network security doesn’t focus on today’s threats, it focuses on tomorrow’s. That’s because cyber threats, from malware to botnets, are constantly evolving. To meet that challenge, enterprise solutions have to move even faster. McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 5.1 is the latest real-time security solution that offers the power, sophistication, and scalability organizations need in a […]

IT teams need the right security tools so that they can react to incidents, as they happen—not after the fact. However, this can be difficult for enterprises to accomplish. Different business units, each with differing security standards, regulatory mandates, clients and goals, still need to fall under the security guidelines set out by the IT […]

I just read though the 2014 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) which was made available on Verizon’s Enterprise site this week. Wow, 1,367 confirmed data breaches! It’s good to know that there are tools available to help prevent these incidents. And it’s our job to help businesses deploy these tools in a cost-effective and […]