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Living in a wired world means we get breaking news streaming in the palm of our hands 24/7 whether we (or our kids) ask for it or not. The recent global tragedies in Orlando, Dallas, and France sent shock waves and tears through the Internet and into our homes. Eye-witness accounts and graphic footage of the violence […]

Cuando nos referimos a las comunicaciones cotidianas, digámoslo de una manera sutil, estamos casados con nuestras aplicaciones de mensajería. Por ello es preocupante cuando los investigadores descubren defectos de seguridad en las principales herramientas de mensajería. Y eso es exactamente lo que sucedió recientemente, cuando los investigadores identificaron un defecto puntual de la aplicación Facebook […]

As details continue to emerge about the Orlando nightclub massacre, officials believe one fact to be chillingly clear: The ISIS-avowed gunman became radicalized through extremist communities online. The thought of your child falling for terrorist propaganda on Facebook or Twitter is crazy, right? True, statistically speaking, the likelihood isn’t high. However, the statistics flip when it comes to […]

“No way! Do you think this tweet is about me?” The abruptly frantic teen held her phone directly up in front of the face of her friend while they waited in the ticketing line at the cinema. While the post in question did not mention anyone by name, it was just juicy enough, and just […]

Planning a family vacation has evolved to an art form. There’s an app for everything from booking flights, discovering deals, and finding activities off the beaten path. This digital evolution of the family vacation brings with it both good and bad news for families. While technology has opened up a whole new world of fun, adventure, […]