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This is Mike. Mike works in the security industry and is concerned about his privacy. Mike wonders why people sign up for Facebook apps so quickly. Mike doesn’t sign up for Facebook apps without a quick read of the terms of agreement. Mike is smart. Be like Mike. A few months ago, people on Facebook […]

Is it just me or did 2015 flash by way too quickly? I guess that’s what happens when we become parents and before you know it the kids are all grown up. Hope everyone caught up on some quality family time during the holiday season. 2016 brings with it a renewed sense of vigor, hope […]

It’s all gray now. Life that is. What used to be black and white and nicely compartmentalized is now a thousand shades of gray. We no longer are techie types or old school; Facebook users or in-person folks, we are all, young and old, online to some degree. Digital has become the cultural expectation. And with […]

We had an eight-hour stretch in front of us, and anything was possible. We could do it all then lap ourselves and do it again. There were the movies, shopping, the Van Gogh exhibit, and battening down for a Netflix binge. After all, it was winter break. Even so, without fail, every idea I tossed […]

For the lot of us, the holidays signify a relaxing slowdown, and a time for family, friends and merry celebration. Alas, the work of a cybercriminal is never done. As a holiday gift to you, we at Intel Security want to share the growing threats you should have on your radar as we enter 2016. […]