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More people accidentally die each year while taking selfies than die from shark attacks. Sounds like an urban legend, right? Unfortunately, it’s a fact, according to Mashable. It’s clear your teen knows how to take a selfie but does he or she know how to take a safe selfie? It’s a bigger deal than you might […]

You may not have heard of celebrity Electronic Dance Music (EDM) DJ Armin Van Buuren, but chances are, your music-savvy kids have searched online for the radio personality who has garnered the #1 spot as Intel Security’s 2015 Most Dangerous Celebrities™. According to this year’s ninth annual study (see graphic, right), searching for the latest […]

  There’s revived discussion in the halls of Facebook about adding a ‘dislike’ button to the popular social network. In fact, the dislike button is more of a reality than not, according to a recent report in Beta News. While the Facebook team has long noticed the gap in expression options on network (who doesn’t […]

My road as a parent of two digital natives (now ages 15 and 20) has been winding, rewarding, and even harrowing at times. I began writing this blog three years ago, which in the digital world translates to approximately a decade. Technology changes quickly. Culture shape shifts and perspectives try to keep up. Our kids change […]

When most of us think about meeting people online, we probably think of romance and/or “stranger danger.” Being sensible and cautious when making new friends online is of paramount importance and it can definitely be a risky business. But have you considered using the Internet as a way to expand your own business network and […]