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Living in a wired world means we get breaking news streaming in the palm of our hands 24/7 whether we (or our kids) ask for it or not. The recent global tragedies in Orlando, Dallas, and France sent shock waves and tears through the Internet and into our homes. Eye-witness accounts and graphic footage of the violence […]

Ransomware has seen a huge increase over the past couple of years.  According to our June Quarterly Threats Report, there was a 113% increase in ransomware over the past year.  However, the real indicator for me has been an increase in questions about ransomware I get from people once they find out I work for […]

I’ve had a number of questions come in lately via email, social media and even in the waiting room at my doctor’s office about the notifications people have been getting from Google about some “new features for your Google Account.” A lot of people will most likely default to the “click ok” response.  You know […]

Thanks to the new augmented reality game Pokémon Go, app fans across the globe are enjoying countless hours of fun hunting, capturing, and racking up their Pokémon creature collection. For families, the app can be a blast — as long as everyone slows down and plays smart. In fact, the app is being credited with […]

Hmmm, it’s mid-July. That means you are likely in a comfy state of denial about a few things 1) that your kids’ online time has doubled and 2) you’ve let a few things slide as far as family tech rules, yes? You aren’t alone. Summer days can get long right about now and the activity barrel can start […]