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Imagínese esto: usted está teniendo un buen día, haciendo sus cosas, cuando de repente empiezan a sonar las alarmas y se da cuenta de que los ciberdelincuentes se han infiltrado en la red. Acaba de perder el juego de la ciberseguridad (y odia eso), entonces, ¿qué debe hacer ahora? ¿cómo se defiende? Primero, tiene que […]

Google Dorking is a search technique that enables hackers to gain access to information that corporations and individuals did not intend to make publicly available. Using this technique, hackers are able to identify vulnerable systems and can recover usernames, passwords, email addresses, and even credit card details. Used effectively, Google Dorking is a valuable hacking […]

Chestnuts are roasting on an open fire and Jack Frost is nipping at your nose. There’s no doubt about it, the holiday season is officially in full swing. Aside from the chestnuts and Jack Frost, the holidays also bring us an abundance of good tidings, friends, family, and one side effect that’s been in the […]

It’s 11:00 p.m. Do you know where your data is? Most reports on data theft events concentrate on how the bad guys got into the organization, what failed to stop them, and what information was taken. I often think about how the information was taken out, or exfiltrated, and who the likely culprits were. Intel […]

Next month I’ll be moving back to the US after a few years living in Japan. While moving internationally can be a headache, one of the fun things about it is shopping for a new car. I’ve had my eye on a Jeep Wrangler and have been weighing the pros and cons of getting an […]