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“Identity (now) becomes the high order bit because computing is transitory. With multi devices interacting with the cloud, the focus shifts from not just the user’s identity but also the identity of the data, device and context.”  Intel President, Renée J. James At McAfee FOCUS13, Renée was joined onstage by McAfee President, Mike DeCesare. They […]

More and more we see social media and other application sites on the Internet providing single sign-on (SSO) as a feature or service to their visitors. I’m sure you’ve visited a site and seen an invitation to logon using your Facebook or Google+ credentials. Many times, these sites also encourage you to share articles to […]

Strong authentication has been available to businesses and consumers for a while. As a result, users and business leaders have become smarter about how they want to use this technology. If you are part of an IT organization, you need to know more than they do. You need to be their trusted advisor.  As a […]

According to a recent survey of IT professionals, conducted by industry analyst firm Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) and sponsored by McAfee, password management is a huge challenge for organizations: Despite the fact that 55% of respondents believe username/password authentication is no longer secure, 34% of respondents say that their employees have more than five passwords, […]