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Las fugas de datos son comunes. Toda organización que maneja datos confidenciales o privados, debe tener una capacidad de respuesta adecuada ante un incidente. Muchas compañías cuentan con un conjunto de procedimientos básicos, mientras que otras mantienen un conjunto de personas y procesos maduros. Un pequeño porcentaje de las organizaciones a lo largo de los […]

Imaginemos por un momento el panorama que deja un ciclón después de azotar las costas de un país: muchas casas dañadas; población sin electricidad ni agua potable, porque no hay energía para hacer funcionar las bombas; hospitales que apenas y funcionan; escasez de alimentos y sobre todo la posibilidad de que muchas personas, sobre todo […]

Something malicious this way comes. A fast reaction can reduce your risk. You have just detected an attack and alerted the incident-response team, one of 38 investigations you will likely conduct this year. Half of these are probably generic malware attacks, but the rest are higher-risk targeted attacks or data breaches. Now you are working […]

Neither prevention nor detection alone is sufficient in today’s cybercrime environment. Losing irreplaceable photos, laptops without current backups, and heirloom jewelry are among the biggest fears if your house is robbed. We use deadbolts, alarm systems, and other protection features to deter robbers, but what would you do if you knew for sure that someday […]

How do you get there? Increase the cost and effort required by the bad guys and boost your efficiency. Post-audit, post-breach, post-I-just-started-a-new-job, you know you should boost your incident-response efforts and may wonder where to invest. In a new SANS survey on incident response, co-sponsored by Intel Security, the top impediments to IR success were […]