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In nearly every science fiction movie made, there is at least one character that is part machine and part man. They are the cyborgs. Luke Skywalker has a mechanical hand; Robocop is, well, Robocop; and Geordi LaForge of Star Trek had a wearable visor that helps him see. They’re all reliant on technology to help […]

Driverless technology, beyond making commutes shorter and more productive, could provide new levels of freedom for seniors and disabled people. It could also reinvent transportation, making cars safer and accident-adverse. But driverless cars can only achieve this potential if they’re secure. This brings us to a recent report published by Senator Edward J. Markey about […]

Event looks at the future of data use and how we can – and should – protect personal privacy. Coincident with International Data Privacy Day, Lares Institute hosted an event on the future of the Internet of Things and privacy. With an audience full of privacy lawyers and Chief Privacy Officers, the event kicked off […]

I’m gratified to see President Obama assign cybersecurity the priority it deserves in his State of the Union speech. The president announced a legislative push to increase information sharing between the government and cybersecurity companies, and to help law enforcement apprehend international cybercriminals. Yes, the hard work of writing laws remains ahead. But the president’s […]

Last week Rory Cellan-Jones, a reporter for the BBC, tried to explain in his CES2015 news article why we, all of us, should be interested in the progress of “Internet of Things” (IoT) for the home. Even our Intel President admitted it’s a hard topic to generally appreciate   I asked Intel’s President Renee James […]