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If you were asked to picture an adolescent on a holiday, a common image that would come to your mind would be of a teen in a tee and shorts, with headphones on, while playing games on the tab. Devices have almost become an integral accessory of youngsters today, haven’t they? Summer vacation is here, […]

Fad diets have tempted people throughout history. At the turn of the 20th century, the Tapeworm Diet was the trend of the day. It’s exactly what it sounds like—ingesting tapeworms. The only problem? They grow to 25 feet long and cause seizures. In the 1920s, doctors prescribed cigarettes for weight loss. Celebrities, like Elvis, used […]

We all like to be in the loop, especially when it comes to the news. Facebook notifications, news channels, and a smorgasbord of competing media conspire to bring us the latest, on-demand information we crave. But there’s a critical issue with our addiction to breaking news: this demand, especially from trusted resources, can lull us […]

This post first appeared at Policy@Intel on March 9. In an effort to accelerate cyber information sharing, and in response to a presidential executive order, the Department of Homeland Security recently announced the formation of the Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO) Standards Organization. The organization comprises six working groups, and I’ve been appointed chair […]

As parents, we are faced with so many dilemmas. Are our children ‘available’ for play dates with kids we’re not crazy about? Do we graciously welcome ‘non-RSVP’d’ children (and their siblings!) to a birthday party? And when do we ignore the messy room in the spirit of mental health preservation? More importantly, what about the […]