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Last month, cybersecurity journalist Brian Krebs broke the news that adult site was hacked. This breach risked the exposure of 32 million users’ personal information, including email addresses, physical addresses, and credit card information. It comes as no surprise that this news made headlines immediately and the resulting aftermath has kept it in the […]

Sometimes as parents we need a little pat on the back and confirmation we’re doing something right. Well, the Intel Security Teens, Tweens & Technology 2015 research does just that. Now in its third year, the Teens, Tweens & Technology research provides a gauge on the behaviour and opinions of young Australians and their online […]

As anyone with a newsfeed will tell you, fake social media accounts have been on the rise in recent years. A recent study revealed nearly 8% of Instagram accounts are spambots. A problem for marketers, sure, but it’s even worse for you. Creating a robot network, or botnet, used to involve hacking into thousands of […]

Each year at their annual conference, the Cause Marketing Forum recognizes businesses and nonprofits for overall excellence in cause marketing. I’m proud to congratulate my colleagues and our partners, who just received a Golden Halo Award for their work in educating children about safe practices on the Internet. The Intel Security Digital Safety program was […]

Nearly every automobile driver has some understanding of the ‘rules of the road,’ from using your seatbelt to signaling before changing lanes, and always giving pedestrians the right of way. But when asked about the rules of the Internet—don’t share passwords, don’t talk to strangers, and don’t download strange applications—not everyone is as familiar. As […]