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New. Next. It’s how we defined the future of cybersecurity, and of our organization at the 2015 FOCUS Security Conference. It’s gratifying that since October customers have rewarded us with meaningful gains. In Q1, our revenue was up 12% year over year, and we continued strong growth in net income as a result of our […]

If there’s one topic that has the security community excited, and hopeful at the same time, it’s the Internet of Things—also known as IoT. It’s a catch-all name for devices that are connected to the Internet for a variety of reasons—usually analytics and automation. But the security community isn’t excited about IoT because of its […]

CSE 2016 Future of Cyber Security by Matthew Rosenquist from Matthew Rosenquist The security industry is changing. Technology innovation is eroding the distance between the roles and responsibilities of traditionally independent physical and cyber security teams. Modern physical security tools now rely heavily on networks, clouds, firmware, and software—which puts them at risk of cyber […]

Do advances like refrigerators that connect to email, batteries that power an entire home, and thermostats that can detect a house fire show that the age of the smart home has finally arrived? The majority of people Intel Security recently surveyed think so. In fact, 77 percent of the 9,000 respondents across nine countries believe […]

Fifth-generation networking (5G) holds the potential for a massive immersion of technology into the lives of people and businesses. It is an evolution of technology that could allow enough bandwidth for 50 billion smart devices, driving toward a world in which everything that computes will be connected. Such transformative technology opens great opportunities, but also presents new […]