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  Life is made up of the little things. There are ‘fuzzy feeling’ little things; like when the nice lady in front of you pays for your coffee, or when your boss acknowledges a report you went above and beyond to deliver. Then there are the less exciting, more mundane details. Things like remembering to […]

Por Víctor Medina  Hoy en día escuchamos y vemos por doquier el término de Internet de las Cosas o “IoT” por sus siglas en inglés. Desde focos conectados, hasta autos, pasando por cámaras de video vigilancia, monitores cardiacos, anteojos, relojes y un sin número de dispositivos prometiendo una conexión a internet para facilitar la vida […]

Charles Strite, according to Lemelson-MIT, first introduced the modern toaster in 1926. It was, and remains to this day, a handy instrument for simultaneously warming two sides of a slice of bread before ejecting the finished product — toast — with a familiar springy *pop*. The device’s design was so successful that it has largely […]

The next time you buy a car, chances are, it’ll be connected to your phone. Maybe your next refrigerator, thermostat, or child’s toy will be similarly integrated. And it may happen sooner than you realize: analysts believe 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 20201. But that prediction may not last. A […]

Your phone checks your identity with your physical fingerprint. We also use the term ‘fingerprint’ to described methods of identifying software and hardware with algorithms that calculate a unique code based on the software structure, operating behavior, or other characteristics. Apps and devices can also potentially identify you by your pattern of behavior or idiosyncrasies. […]