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“We’re here to pinch your best ideas.” Those words began Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan’s remarks to a small group of city officials, regulators and private industry in New York City’s financial district this morning.  The discussion was focused on cities, climate change and the use of technology to address it while improving citizens’ lives. […]

Despite headlines, hype, and hysteria, US government rightly chooses cybersecurity guidance over regulation. The Obama administration today unveiled its long-awaited safety policy for self-driving or automated vehicles (AVs). Despite the recent tragic death of a passenger travelling in a Tesla-built AV, and persistent discussions of spectacular cyber-sabotage scenarios, the government chose a wise, sober course […]

Another Black Hat USA conference has come and gone, but, much like every year, a lot of incredible insights remain. And Intel Security was a major contributor to those insights. Our presenting researchers offered several great demonstrations this year, but three sessions stood out particular for their insight into future ransomware scenarios: Enjoy Your Coffee, […]

The Internet of Things (IoT), where items and devices link to the internet for better use, analysis and efficiencies, is introducing a flood of newly connected items. We have smart watches, smart cars, smart phones, smart thermostats and even smart fridges. But some, if not all, smart items need to have great security along with […]

Last week I went to one of the few places hotter than it is here in Texas: Las Vegas.  Every year, the security industry gathers together for a week of education, demonstration and socialization at Black Hat, DefCon and BSides.  A lot of people in the industry use these conferences as a time to reveal […]