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There is nothing like receiving a great report card. The pride I would feel was truly magic – even if it was only occasionally. Well, it appears as though Aussies should also feel very proud because our privacy report card is in and we are definitely improving! Launched by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner […]

There are some simple moves online that can save you an enormous amount of time. And when it comes to reporting abuses online nothing comes in handier than a screen shot, which is simply a photo file image of what’s in front of you on your computer screen or mobile phone. Think of it as […]

For the sixth scam of Christmas, the criminals gave to me, Mac scams! Many Mac users (I think) still do not think this affects them. However, Mac Malware increases by 10% every month. As I have said many times before, where the people go – criminals follow. Apple’s increase in market share has made them […]

Where does one start? I’m not sure if I would consider this a research blog post. In the sea of comments and chatter today, it just feels right to say something. It feels right to “Think Different.” Like many others, I was raised an Apple faithful. Later I came to embrace and believe in not just the products but […]

I often hear Mac users say “Oh, I don’t have to worry about viruses. I have a Mac!” Well, unfortunately, those days have come to an end. The market share of Apple owners has tipped enough that criminal hackers are taking notice and creating malware targeting Mac users. McAfee explains that there have been Fake […]