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Since the discovery of the Android banking Trojan SpyLocker, Intel Security has closely monitored this threat. SpyLocker first appeared disguised as Adobe Flash Player and targeted customers of banks in Australia, New Zealand, and Turkey. Recently we have found that the distribution method for this malware has changed. In addition to employing malicious websites that […]

JS/Nemucod is the detection name given to a family of malicious JavaScript downloaders that have appeared in spam campaigns since last year. They usually arrive as an email attachment, embedded in a ZIP archive, and pretend to be an invoice, a delivery notice, a resume, anything that may seem harmless and can be used as a social engineering […]

En materia de seguridad digital el único factor que se mantiene invariable es el cambio, nuestra área de trabajo se transforma de acuerdo con varios elementos: la permanente evolución de la tecnología (el Internet de la Cosas es una nueva tendencia); el costo que pueda tener un objetivo para los atacantes (cuánta información valiosa posee); […]

In recent months, we’ve seen headlines about the compromise of a bank in Bangladesh from which cybercriminals attempted to steal US$951 million. The malware they used was able to manipulate and read unique messages from SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), as well as adjust balances and send details to a remote control server. […]

Recognizing the increasing importance of sophisticated malware analytics, Forrester just introduced The Forrester Wave™: Automated Malware Analysis (AMA), Q2 2016. We’re excited to announce that Intel Security was named a Leader with McAfee Advanced Threat Defense. According to the Forrester report, “The automated malware analysis market is growing because more security professionals see malware analysis […]