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Breaking down operational silos with McAfee Data Exchange Layer (DXL) Cybercriminal gangs cooperate with one another, sharing tactics and exploits, leaving security solutions at a distinct disadvantage. We need to tip the scales and retake the advantage from our adversaries. To do that, we need to break down the operational silos between security products and […]

Recientemente, en nuestro evento de Focus y Partner Summit, compartimos mucha información sobre la estrategia de Intel Security en constante evolución y nuestra renovada seguridad enfocada en los endpoints y la nube. Si hubo algún tema a resaltar en el Partner Summit y Focus, fue el cambio. Como dijo nuestro gerente general, Chris Young durante […]

Tivemos pouco mais de uma semana para resumir tudo o que aconteceu nos eventos anuais da Intel Security: Partner Summit e Focus. Compartilhamos muitas informações sobre a estratégia em evolução da Intel Secuirty e também sobre o foco renovado em Endpoint Security e na nuvem. “Mudança” foi o tema principal do Partner Summit e Focus […]

On behalf of the Intel Security Channel Team, I’d like to extend a huge “thank you” to over 400 channel partners who joined us in making this year’s Global Partner Summit the best yet. Attendees got a preview of what’s new and what’s next as Intel Security executives unveiled our evolved corporate strategy focusing on […]

We’ve had a little more than a week to digest all that happened at Intel Security’s annual Partner Summit and Focus events. We shared a lot of information on Intel Security’s evolving strategy and our renewed focus on endpoint security and the cloud. If there was an underlying theme to Partner Summit and Focus, it […]