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Every quarter Intel Security releases a report on the cybersecurity issues confronting consumers, business partners, and the public. Produced by McAfee Labs, the McAfee Labs Threats Report covers threats to both mobile and desktop devices. But, as you’ll soon see, the distinction between mobile and desktop threats is slowly becoming irrelevant thanks to three key […]

Why are data breaches so commonplace?  Whether the attacks are against the energy sector as reported July 2014[i] with over 1,000 energy companies in North America and Europe reported to have been compromised.  To other attacks targeting other sectors (e.g. Operation Troy, Operation High Roller Nightdragon, etc.) it would appear that no sector is immune […]

If there’s been one growing source of concern over the past year, it’s the explosion of corporate breaches. Businesses of all kinds, including major retailers, restaurant chains and banks have all suffered from the constant onslaught of attacks from cybercriminals. These attacks have illustrated one thing well: we’re not as secure as we ought to […]

These days, thanks to advances in technology and an overwhelming amount of options, many of us choose to order items online in favor of walking into a brick and mortar store to make a purchase. Unfortunately, malware has caught onto this and is exploiting the trend on both mobile and desktop environments. Email spam messages […]

Você quer que seus executivos tenham uma visão quantificada do risco do cibercrime? Um novo estudo da McAfee e do CSIS (The Center for Strategic and International Studies) colocou limites e adotou uma metodologia rigorosa em torno de um tópico marcado por falta de objetividade. Nessa análise detalhada encomendada pela McAfee, compilou-se uma avaliação global dos […]