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Question: I never imagined allowing my daughters to begin dating would be such an emotional rollercoaster — thanks to social media! I know if a relationship doesn’t end well for one of them, social media will only prolong the heartache or, in some cases, the drama. It seems like their moods go up or down depending […]

Technology has become the personal assistant of our dreams, but also the crutch for our brains that we’ve grown increasingly reliant upon. There’s a seemingly unending supply of random information and factoids that you can glean from the web (did you know Scotland’s national animal is a unicorn?). We have information at our fingertips like […]

If you’re like me, you probably have at least a dozen apps on your smartphone that you never use. They just sit around taking up space in some forgotten corner of your device.  When you combine these unused apps with the tendency many people have of not keeping all of the apps updated, you’re looking […]

Traveling is supposed to be a break from reality, but that doesn’t mean it’s a breeze. First your Uber driver is going below the speed limit, then you can’t remember if you packed your computer charger, oh, and is your flight on time? There’s a lot to keep track of when catching a flight, but […]

Imagine if every time you asked a friend for a favor, they outsourced it to someone else. Ask a family member to watch your house, and they hire a friend. That colleague covering a task for you? She’s asked another person to do it, and given them the information they need to do so. When […]