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Imagine if every time you asked a friend for a favor, they outsourced it to someone else. Ask a family member to watch your house, and they hire a friend. That colleague covering a task for you? She’s asked another person to do it, and given them the information they need to do so. When […]

In the infamous rags-to-riches movie, “Pretty Woman” one of the most iconic movie lines is delivered by Julia Robert’s character, Vivian Ward. After being rejected by a clothing store for her appearance, Vivian returns to the store dressed to the nines, much to the shock of the saleswomen. Vivian proceeds to ask if they work […]

It’s no secret that mobile games are designed to be addictive. Unfortunately, this can be to our disadvantage. It’s all too easy to get carried away in the midst of a competitive game, often resulting in our putting security concerns on the back burner. Just this week, new malware was found hiding in 60 Android […]

When smart phones first came to the scene they were big, clunky, and had these mysterious things called “apps.” For some, smartphones were just iPods that could make phone calls, but it didn’t take long for users to adapt to their new mobile devices and realize the potential smartphones had to offer – especially through […]

Taylor Swift dropped a musical explosion when she released her music video for the song “Bad Blood” earlier this year. The song and its accompanying video captivated audiences as it depicted something many could relate to – being betrayed by a trusted peer. Who would have thought the basis of a song could also be […]