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Summertime, and the living is easy – Vacation days spent by the pool or the campfire, sipping something cool, and checking your work email! Sadly, that’s the reality for many of us. We asked almost 14,000 people from around the globe about their electronic habits while on vacation. Not surprisingly, most of them could not […]

Everybody knows it, everybody admits it, and everybody seems to accept it. We’re addicted to our mobile phones. While over-attachment to smartphones sometimes makes us miss out on immediate experiences, it can also pose a security problem — especially on summer trips when we’re unable, or unwilling, to unplug. We at Intel Security wanted to […]

Every spring, many winter-weary people get a glimmer in their eye and a bottle of bleach in their hand. For them, it’s time to synergize hygiene and get organized: it’s time for spring cleaning. We could learn a lot from our neat and tidy brethren. For example: we ought to get rid of that coat […]

Older digital devices needn’t be tossed aside. They can get passed along to new users or, with the right imagination, can be used for new applications and projects. Reusing perfectly good electronics is always better than trashing them, but it is important to take a few sensible, yet crucial precautions, before upcycling on that smartphone, […]

Apps have quickly become a favorite element for mobile device users. They allow users to easily access social networks, news, games, even shopping networks. Users become so accustomed and dependent on apps that it might not occur to them that these apps can be a source of distress. Certain users became fully aware of just […]