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Let’s imagine you traveled back in time, smartphone in pocket. Let’s say a medieval peasant sees you using this strange device. Naturally, they’d be curious. Would you be able to explain how it works? Most people wouldn’t, for a reason—smartphones are designed to be easy to use. And this can create a problem: tech-savvy criminals […]

The McAfee Labs Mobile Malware Research team found early this week on Google Play a set of malware published by the developer account ValerySoftware: Each one of these apps have been downloaded and installed up to 500 times, which means up to 3,000 devices could be infected by this threat. Some characteristics of this malware: […]

Recently the McAfee Labs Mobile Malware Research team found a sample of ransomware for Android with botnet capabilities and a web-based control panel service. The malware is running on a legitimate cloud service provider. The payload of this malware can encrypt a victim’s files, steal SMS messages, and block access to the device. In this […]

El equipo de investigación de Malware para dispositivos móviles de Intel Security recientemente descubrió una campaña activa de SMS phishing dirigida a usuarios de iOS a quienes se les alerta que su cuenta de Apple ha sido temporalmente bloqueada con la intención de engañarlos para redirigirlos a un sitio falso donde se les solicita ingresen […]

Intel Security Mobile Research recently found an active phishing campaign targeting iOS users via SMS messages. The message tells users that their Apple accounts have been temporarily locked to trick them into accessing a phishing site and steal the real Apple credentials. Here is an example of an SMS message from this campaign: The message pretends to be […]