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A security researcher from the University of Cambridge has found a way to hack the iPhone NAND memory hardware to sufficiently bypass an important security feature, allowing a brute-force attack against the passcode lock of an iPhone 5C. This is the same lock that stymied the FBI as part of the highly publicized privacy case in […]

  As smartphones get more sophisticated, it’s easy to forget their humble origins. Through today’s mobile apps, we can manage finances, order Ubers, and even do office work from the beach. But remember old-school flip-phones? They stood for one purpose – simply to make calls – and we all had them. Well, it turns out […]

The latest edition of the Quarterly Threats Report (QTR) was released this week by McAfee Labs.  If you’re not familiar with them, McAfee Labs is our research organization tasked with researching all the latest threats that people are seeing out there in the wild as well as looking as trends that help indicate what the […]

 La mayoría de las personas han escuchado la historia del caballo de Troya. Hemos aprendido la lección de la historia: no confiar en los regalos de extraños. Hoy, nadie usaría una estatua de un caballo gigante, excepto por algunos bromistas con un mal sentido del humor, aunque existen trucos similares en forma digital. Las personas […]

The story about ransomware in hospitals in our newly published McAfee Labs Threats Report: September 2016 will probably garner most of the media’s attention, but I think the most interesting story in the report is about machine learning. Here’s why. Intel Security has used machine learning in our classification models since the mid-2000s. Initially, we […]