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Coauthored by Raj Samani, Chief Technology Officer of Intel Security’s Europe, Middle East, and Africa division Recent reports of electricity outages across the Ukraine has led to significant speculation regarding the specific malware that was used to disrupt supplies. Intel Security’s approach in understanding this event included making contact with the impacted organization to offer […]

The focus on the security of automobiles and the transportation sector as a whole (planes, trains, etc.) is steadily increasing. In 2015 we saw major vulnerabilities in automotive technology, in which researchers were able to remotely take control of vehicles, including the acceleration, braking, and steering. There were also reports of weaknesses in commercial airlines that could […]

In a live roundtable webcast yesterday, five Intel Security experts discussed predictions from the McAfee Labs 2016 Threats Predictions report, which was published at the end of last year. The webcast was moderated by Raj Samani, Intel Security VP & CTO. Raj was joined by Intel Security experts Bruce Snell, Security & Privacy Director, Matthew […]

We are seeing interesting changes in how researchers and attackers are exploring methods to undermine systems and devices. Increasingly, the focus is on the hardware. Vulnerability and exploit research is accelerating across the board with better tools, greater funding, and improved methods. As a result, more potential avenues of attack are being discovered and developed […]

This post was written by Raj Samani and Christiaan Beek of Intel Security. In late December, a cyberattack caused a power outage in the Ukraine, plunging hundreds of thousands of citizens into darkness for hours. Threat researchers soon confirmed that the BlackEnergy malware package, first developed in 2007, was the culprit. They also discovered that […]