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It’s said that the best defense is a good offense. But in cyber, you have to have the best defense, the best offense and the best visibility. If you don’t have visibility into attacks as they’re occurring, you’ll always be one step behind the attacker.  While the public sector is by no means alone in […]

Server-side request forgery is an attack in which an attacker can force a vulnerable server to trigger malicious requests to third-party servers and or to internal resources. This vulnerability can then be leveraged to launch specific attacks such as a cross-site port attack, service enumeration, and various other attacks. This ability makes server-side request forgery […]

This post first appeared on the security website Dark Reading. We need consumers and businesses to not simply shrug off data breaches but to take active measures to protect their data. We are hopeful that new insights will provide a compelling answer to the question “So what?” No company is bulletproof when it comes to […]

This blog was originally posted at Dark Reading on March 31. Shared cyberthreat intelligence will soon be a critical component of security operations, enabling organizations to better protect their digital assets and respond more quickly to emerging threats. On March 17, the US Department of Homeland Security announced the deployment of the Automated Indicator Sharing […]

Every quarter, the team at McAfee Labs releases a threats report detailing information about the latest trends in malware and cybersecurity.  This “Cyber State of the Union” provides a lot of great insights but may seem a bit overwhelming to someone who doesn’t work in the security industry. We’ve really reached a point where information […]