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It’s a good sign when businesses take the initiative to protect consumers’ online safety. Not only does it allow customers to feel secure using their services, but it also facilitates positive change. When one business takes an extra step to protect users, industry security standards are advanced. The envelope is pushed for other organizations, who […]

Por Carric Dooley Este blog fue publicado incialmente en CSO Online Cuando usted mueve sus aplicaciones hacia la nube, su superficie de ataque cambia, mientras que las vulnerabilidades en las aplicaciones, bases de datos y a nivel de red persisten. Para abordar estas cuestiones, brindar seguridad a su perímetro de nube, evitar el acceso no […]

When we were children, our role models seemed invincible. Could any five-year-old imagine a Superman who was less than perfect? Then, as you grow older, you realize that even the most admirable people are still human after all. It’s the same for today’s youngsters looking up to tech titans. Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg […]

Cada año Verizon da a conocer su Informe de Investigación de Violación de Datos (DBIR), un informe que comparte datos de incidentes a lo largo del año. Verizon recopila este documento con información de 70 organizaciones (incluyendo Intel Security), analizando cerca de 80,000 casos individuales y más de 2,000 violaciones confirmadas de datos en 61 […]

Your family photos, your savings account, and maybe even your dating life are all hidden behind one thing: a password. A combination of letters and numbers protects your personal information from the hands of hackers. Last Thursday, we filled your social media feeds with articles, videos and Tweets, hoping to raise password awareness on World […]