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Protected View is a security feature of Microsoft Office. According to research from MWR Labs, Protected View mode is a strong application-level sandbox. In a real-world attack scenario, Office documents from the Internet, such as downloaded documents from browsers (Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer), or attachments received on emails clients (such as Outlook), are opened by default in […]

As many workers do today, you probably get emails from your boss asking you to perform various tasks. You may also get unusual requests under unusual circumstances—perhaps to put out a fire for a big client or to impress a potential customer. Sometimes in haste you don’t follow standard procedures. But that makes you vulnerable […]

This year’s highly anticipated Verizon 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report (Verizon DBIR) analyzed cybersecurity findings from 100,000 incidents and 2,260 confirmed breaches, taking a deep dive into popular attack types and threats in 2015. During our June Twitter #SecChat, we discussed findings from the report, and examined prominent threats and their impact on industries. Participating […]

Isn’t it time to invest in a security solution that doesn’t break the bank? One bank offers a textbook case study in corporate data security, since by definition it’s required to safeguard clients’ highly sensitive personal and financial data. This U.S.-based regional commercial bank has undergone a sea of change in its approach to security […]

Cada año Verizon da a conocer su Informe de Investigación de Violación de Datos (DBIR), un informe que comparte datos de incidentes a lo largo del año. Verizon recopila este documento con información de 70 organizaciones (incluyendo Intel Security), analizando cerca de 80,000 casos individuales y más de 2,000 violaciones confirmadas de datos en 61 […]