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  Last week we talked about the dangers that can arise with apps that allow anonymous users to interact. Equally concerning is the growing popularity of location tracking apps among teens. Designed to help moms keep track of kids, these apps serve a great purpose. However, they can be misused by teens looking for nearby friends if privacy settings […]

We just released what I believe to be the most important digital learning module from the Intel Security Digital Safety Program—the Cyberethics Module. My dream is to help kids critically think about what we “should” do online, and this module might just make them Think Before you Link! Intel Security, in partnership with Discovery Education, […]

Remember Reena, from my previous blog, who was so concerned about monitoring her son Veer online without antagonizing him? She just loved the idea of setting up parental controls that allowed her to mentor Veer and then gradually giving him more freedom online, as he started showing a sense of maturity and responsibility. Reena turned […]

I knew Curt Schilling was a great baseball player (Go Red Sox!) what I learned recently—and what will frankly now be the greater image in my mind—is that he’s also a great dad. If you missed it last week, Schilling, a former major league pitcher, tweeted a simple congratulatory note to his daughter Gabby who […]

Remember this time last year when Snapchat was this vague, phantom-like disappearing photo app? Well, in just a year’s time, Snapchat has skyrocketed to become the fastest growing app for teens. Between Snapchat and Instagram, teens are spending an unprecedented amount of time communicating with less words and more photos. This popular app is here […]