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With a bit of mentoring, kids can become good digital citizens. This mentoring will help them stay safe online and empower them to make the most of technology. It is safe to say that gadget addiction can affect the health of a student as well as their academic life. The job of training responsible and […]

  Tumblr is social network that has carved a digital niche all its own. Far from the conventional vibe of Facebook and considerably edgier than Twitter and Instagram, you might think of Tumblr as the fringe crowd’s hangout of choice—and one that comes with risks if you have teens. Like other networks, content sharing and […]

Do you get a little confused looking through your teen’s Instagram or Twitter feed lately and seeing a crazy amount of new code-like phrases? You aren’t alone. If you add together the popular hashtags kids use and the coded phrases, you’ll find yourself learning an entirely new language that also happens to be growing exponentially […]

If you think about it long enough, your eyes will cross, and your head will feel like it’s going to explode. How do protect your kids from all the what ifs and who mights online (and off)? You can’t. But what you can do is be intentional about raising kids who are leaders in an […]

If Alice Cooper’s “School’s Out for Summer” is the ode to the end of a school year, then its antithesis must be quiet compliance as school begins anew in the fall. Backpacks are bought, pencils are sharpened and classes are selected. But the quiet won’t last long. There’s a good bit of noise around a […]