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Recent headlines (here and here) may have struck fear into those living near major energy installations due to references about the Stuxnet malware. In 2009, this particular strain of malware caused significant damage to the Nantanz nuclear facility, reportedly destroying a fifth of Iran’s nuclear centrifuges. Recent reports about Operation Dragonfly, however, appear to be […]

At McAfee we’re dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and effective toolsets to defend against dangerous cyber threats. This mission is at the core of why we exist as a company. And as cybersecurity experts in DC, we recognize the important components that go into an effective cybersecurity strategy for government entities. These organizations need […]

The term cyberwar pops up almost every day in public media. Regardless of its wide use, the term has been poorly explained. What does it mean? What are the principles framing and governing it? How does it fall within the way we think about war? We will answer these questions, among several others, in a […]

This week, the experts at McAfee Labs released their latest quarterly threats report, which recapped emerging cyber-threats they saw at the end of last year. In addition to some of the trends we know of that afflict big companies and individuals, there are a number of interesting threats that affect users in the federal government […]

This week, President Obama released his annual draft budget for Fiscal Year 2015. The budget calls for reductions in defense, leaving the physical U.S. military at is smallest level since WWII. At the same time, spending levels for cybersecurity could be increasing – or at least they won’t be declining. This reflects a strategic realignment […]