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If there’s one term that can make a CISO squirm whenever mentioned, it’s “Shadow IT.” After all, when tasked with securing an enterprise-scale network, most CISOs frown on business units and employees procuring their own tech solutions — like Dropbox, Flickr, or Gmail — without notifying IT for proper vetting. But that discomfort isn’t stopping […]

What does it take for a Software as a Service (SaaS) app to appear on the list of top Shadow IT offenders?  According to a recent survey, not much. Stratecast and McAfee conducted a survey with over 600 IT and Line of Business employees about their use of SaaS (authorized and unauthorized) in the workplace. […]

Most people we know are fairly dedicated, hard-working employees. They understand what their companies want from them, and they take pride in delivering on—or exceeding—the expectations. And yet, as revealed in the 2013 Frost & Sullivan SaaS survey sponsored by McAfee, employees regularly flout company policies when it comes to Software as a Service (SaaS) […]

This post is one in a series of articles that expand on the recently released McAfee Labs 2014 Threats Predictions. In this and related posts, McAfee Labs researchers offer their views of new and evolving threats we expect to see in the coming year. This article was written by Ramnath Venugopalan. We foresee three broad threat […]

The numbers don’t lie—employees are increasingly circumventing IT, using unapproved Software-as-a-Service applications (SaaS) in their daily tasks. This dangerous habit, practiced by more than 80% of employees (known as Shadow IT), might seem harmless to some, but can, in fact, put sensitive corporate data at risk. Last week, Graham Clarke, the Senior Director of Network […]