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Analytics, big data, automation, and machine learning are all terms we use when talking about the future of cybersecurity. As the volume of security data increases, data science will become an important weapon to disrupt adversaries. Too often, these terms are used as synonyms, but they refer to different parts of the domain of data […]

La Universidad de Las Américas (UDLAP) en Puebla, México, es unas de las más prestigiadas universidades latinoamericanas. Y, al igual que las universidades de todos los tamaños en el mundo, la UDLAP reconoce que una de las mayores amenazas a la seguridad proviene de los dispositivos externos que se conectan a la red escolar a […]

In the absence of hard figures, improved threat detection can be difficult to sell to executive management, especially when competing with mandated projects and buzzword-rich initiatives. We’ve created a program that helps CISOs influence and drive urgency through quantifiable business outcomes that speak to organizational goals. Here’s an example of how this worked for a […]

The Universidad de Las Américas (University of the Americas or UDLAP) in Puebla, Mexico, is one of Latin America’s most prestigious universities. And just like colleges of all sizes across the global, UDLAP recognizes that one of its greatest security threats comes from outside devices connecting to the school’s network via Wi-Fi. The number of […]

As the CISO for Cook County, Ricardo Lafosse has his hands full. In addition to the city of Chicago, Cook County also includes 127 other municipalities and ranks as the second most populous county in the U.S. Keeping such a large county government secure and protected from malware has unique challenges, as Lafosse will attest. […]