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When your network spans the globe, you’ve got big challenges. How do you maintain visibility into potential network threats and stay in compliance with local regulations all at the same time? That was the problem facing one of our customers, a software developer for the international online gaming industry. This company has an enviable game […]

This blog was originally posted at Dark Reading on March 31. Shared cyberthreat intelligence will soon be a critical component of security operations, enabling organizations to better protect their digital assets and respond more quickly to emerging threats. On March 17, the US Department of Homeland Security announced the deployment of the Automated Indicator Sharing […]

These are the vital statistics for this week’s spotlight customer, a large building materials manufacturer: 25,000 desktops 40,000 users Thousands of miles separating security operations and the global data center This company faces security challenges at all levels of the business – from the systems on the manufacturing plant floor to business applications safeguarding sensitive […]

True Cost of Data Breaches from Matthew Rosenquist Data breaches are big business. Last year was a banner year for the loss of sensitive records. In 2015, more than 700 million records were exposed, with government and healthcare organizations representing the biggest victims. Wrapping our minds around the loss and subsequent costs is beyond difficult. […]

As national news of data breaches continues to reach the front pages, implementing a bulletproof security solution has crawled to the top of many company’s to-do lists. In the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing out choice customer stories highlighting challenges faced by the modern company — and how Intel Security can help to solve them. Computer […]