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Today, from Black Hat 2016 in Las Vegas, CompuCom announced the expansion of its Managed Security Services (MSS) through  the release of its upgraded Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) services. In my earlier blog, I spoke about the cyberskills shortage  and the active role that partners can play in helping to alleviate this problem […]

Este blog fue publicado inicialmente en CSO Online La seguridad adecuada en cualquier empresa tiene que ver totalmente con la gestión de los riesgos de su negocio. La palabra operativa es “su”. No existen dos organizaciones iguales cuando se trata de su negocio, así que no hay dos perfiles de tolerancia a riesgos idénticos. Debido […]

Web security is serious business for this global manufacturer, a maker of a wide and diverse range of industrial and consumer products. To overcome their current IT hurdles, this manufacturer chose a solution that saved them over one million in IT costs, purely from reducing time spent tackling issues. In true David vs. Goliath fashion, […]

Server-side request forgery is an attack in which an attacker can force a vulnerable server to trigger malicious requests to third-party servers and or to internal resources. This vulnerability can then be leveraged to launch specific attacks such as a cross-site port attack, service enumeration, and various other attacks. This ability makes server-side request forgery […]

This blog was originally posted at Dark Reading on March 31. Shared cyberthreat intelligence will soon be a critical component of security operations, enabling organizations to better protect their digital assets and respond more quickly to emerging threats. On March 17, the US Department of Homeland Security announced the deployment of the Automated Indicator Sharing […]