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Cloud environments have made some things much easier for development teams and IT organizations. Self-service portals have cut down the amount of “hands on” intervention to spin up new environments for new products. Provisioning of new infrastructure has moved from weeks or days to minutes. One thing that barely changed with this transformation is security. […]

The next time you buy a car, chances are, it’ll be connected to your phone. Maybe your next refrigerator, thermostat, or child’s toy will be similarly integrated. And it may happen sooner than you realize: analysts believe 50 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 20201. But that prediction may not last. A […]

Isn’t it time to invest in a security solution that doesn’t break the bank? One bank offers a textbook case study in corporate data security, since by definition it’s required to safeguard clients’ highly sensitive personal and financial data. This U.S.-based regional commercial bank has undergone a sea of change in its approach to security […]

Urgent Communications recently recapped a panel discussion on the security challenges of FirstNet, the prospective nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to first responders for which proposals are due May 31. As I read through Donny Jackson’s piece, which summarized the expert panel at the March International Wireless Communication Expo (IWCE) meeting, I realized there were […]

Utilizar la nube para migrar servicios y reducir costos en infraestructura es uno de los mejores sucesos que le han ocurrido a las empresas en años recientes; sin embargo, los riesgos asociados con esta decisión pueden ser altos y están relacionados no sólo con la falta de software para protegerse sino con la ausencia o […]