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Utilizar la nube para migrar servicios y reducir costos en infraestructura es uno de los mejores sucesos que le han ocurrido a las empresas en años recientes; sin embargo, los riesgos asociados con esta decisión pueden ser altos y están relacionados no sólo con la falta de software para protegerse sino con la ausencia o […]

No organization will ever be impervious to breaches, but efficient organizations can lower their overall spend. The intense demand for trained information security and privacy practitioners is reflective of the convergence of technology, productivity, and profitability. CIOs and CISOs that balk at enabling more mobile, cloud, and Internet of Things (IoT) tools not only find […]

We need security solutions that are designed from the ground up to operate in today’s dynamic environment. The idea of a network perimeter is quickly morphing into something more complicated. We work outside of the corporate network on our own devices, storing and moving things through clouds of applications, storage, and service providers. How will […]

It doesn’t have to. We just need to apply the compensating safeguards and automated controls selectively so CISOs and their security teams can comfortably embrace it. Although many CISOs see automation as a necessity to deal with limited resources and increasing workloads, there is a lingering reticence to adopt it widely because their security staff […]

The credit card is a powerful tool — it’s thin, portable, and, thanks to a small magnetic strip on the back of the card, gives you immediate access to credit or cash at a moment’s notice. While the concept of credit and charge cards has been around for ages in various forms, it wasn’t until […]