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How important is a comprehensive, fully integrated security strategy for an enterprise? Just ask Michelle Duprey, Manager of Information Security at Boston Medical Center (BMC). The academic medical center, based in Boston, is the largest safety-net hospital in New England. A business that robust demands a modern security defense. When Duprey first joined the hospital […]

Each month, we’ll highlight upcoming webcasts and Tech Talks on industry trends and topics in a blog post. See below for can’t-miss online events coming up with Intel Security: Integrating and Operationalizing Threat Intelligence Threat intelligence can provide valuable information and insight, however, the growing volume of data can quickly become noise if you can’t […]

Son las 3 de la mañana y en uno de los servidores de una empresa un código malicioso se “despierta” después que el sistema de seguridad, luego de revisarlo, aprobó su traslado fuera del área de cuarentena a otra máquina donde se manejan archivos seguros. A la mañana siguiente los responsables de sistemas descubren el […]

In a number of recently publicized breaches, and probably many other attacks, information that could have enabled the security team to catch and contain the attack were lost in the sheer volume of alerts. Your security team is getting alerts from internal sensors, threat intelligence from multiple sources, and potential indicators of attack or compromise […]

Fighting advanced threats with real-time SIEM In a recent study by Evalueserve for Intel Security, only 24% of companies surveyed were confident of their ability to detect an attack within minutes of it starting, and just under half said it would take days, weeks, or even months before they noticed. That is plenty of time for […]