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Apple held its annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference this past Monday. The conference saw a lot of new announcements, including a new version of OS X, iOS 8 and variety of interweaving features between the two operating systems. It’s one of these interweaving features that caught my attention. It’s called HomeKit, and it’s Apple’s attempt to […]

With the number of smartphone thefts in the U.S. reaching dangerous levels, there is a renewed push for mobile device manufacturers and telecom carriers to include a “kill switch” on all mobile devices. These kill switches would essentially allow a user to turn off the functionality of a device in the event it was lost […]

In a world where online tracking has not only become commonplace, but also accepted by many users and businesses alike, the future of privacy seems uncertain. As our lives are increasingly lived in the digital realm, our activities and the trail of data they leave behind have spawned a multi-billion dollar online advertising industry. These […]